Hello, my name is Mesut. I was born on July 4,1980  in Adana, and raised in Kozan town,Turkey. Firstly, I cooked cinnamon cookies when I was 10 years old.  I have 5 sisters older than me, pretty women 🙂 . After I graduated from college, my first love was being a good manager in retail area. I worked as a district manager in Moscow and Bucharest for US Polo. I set my sights on a professional retail manager and went to Fashion Institute of Technology, Newyork to improve my skills ….. While I was just looking around Soho, Broadway and 5th Avenue, I realised I am a New Yorker …. Loved world cuisines above all Brasilian and Mexican …. Life filled discovering the things that is all.

Thomas, Mariza and Japanese friend eating delicous donuts in Newyork.